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Safety first even for the environment

Environment at Bremen Airport

During all activities at Bremen Airport, we take the protection of the natural habitat into account. This commitment is our top priority. The design of our environment report is inspired, very deliberately, by the safety card for each passenger found on aeroplanes. This is especially the case because we take the protection of the people at the airport, in the immediate proximity and in the surrounding region, subsequent generations and the environment just as seriously as security while flying. This design convinced us. Because it is creative. Because it is consistent. Just as creative and consistent as our commitment to the protection of the environment. Economy and ecology in balance – we demonstrate this with our commitment to a resource-saving operation. In so doing we place value on quality-oriented criteria. Our benevolent is comprised of the following: clean, quick, sparing, service-oriented and subsidy-free. In this way we ensure the balance of healthy growth and sustainability.

City Airport Bremen follows the strategy of protecting resources and structuring flying in an ecological way. Many effective projects were implemented in terms of buildings, equipment, vehicles and aircraft. The measures for the efficient use of energy until now have amounted to around 400 tonnes of CO2 a year.

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