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Attractive rental offers at an exclusive location. City Airport Bremen offers attractive commercial and office space on Airport Bremen.


Office, retail and restaurant space that can be individually tailored to the client’s wishes. As a result of the current area optimisation, we can also offer space directly in the foyer.

Presently, new retail and restaurant space is being designated in Terminal E (Ryanair). It is located in the public area of the terminal and has a dimension of ca. 100 m². We are currently generating new shop floors of ca. 300 m² with adjacent storage space in the outer frame of Terminal E, which should be launched on the market shortly.

Moreover, City Airport Bremen offers additional space outside the terminal.

City Airport Bremen offers, amongst others, office space in its administration building. Approximately 450 m² high-end penthouse spaces will be available shortly. There are also office levels with a dimension of 1.500 m² (3 x 500). These spaces may also be tailored to meet your particular requirements. Parking spaces for lessees and customers are located directly in the adjacent car park 1 with a building connection (from parking space to office in less than a minute).

The free spaces of the airport also offer the opportunity of retail and restaurant undertakings. Depending on location and layout of the floor areas, sizes vary between 100 m² and 1.600 m².

Should you be interested in our offers, please contact Mr Franz Brinkmann directly, phone: +49 (0) 421 5595-299.

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