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    Park comfortably – directly in front of the terminal

    At City Airport Bremen you will find 4,500 parking spaces in two car parks directly by the terminal. The address is Fitzmauricestraße, 28199 Bremen. Both car parks have long-term as well as short-term parking. After parking your vehicle, you can reach the terminals within a few minutes by foot. It is approx. 30 metres from car park 1 to terminals 1-3 and approx. 100 metres to the Ryanair Terminal. From car park 2 it is approx. 150 metres to all terminals.

    Comfortable parking spaces with a width of up to 3.85 m:

    …can be found in the newly designed area „Comfort Parking“ on the ground floor of the multi-storey car park 1

    Short-term parking spaces for meeters and greeters:

    A limited number of fees-based short-term parking spaces is located in front of all terminals (0.50 euros / max. parking duration of 20 minutes). Additional low-cost short-term parking spaces may be found in car park 1 (2.50 euros / hour).

    Parking space reservations:

    Reserve your parking space here.

    Disabled parking spaces:

    ...can be found in car park 1 on the 3rd level and in car park 2 on the ground floor.

    Parking spaces for women:

    ...can be found in car park 1 on the 3rd level and in car park 2 on the ground floor.

    Motorcycle parking spaces / bicycle parking spaces:

    ...can be found in front of the entrance to car park 1 on the right side in the direction of the tram as well as directly in front of Terminal 2 in the direction of the Airport Park. The parking spaces are free of charge and partly roofed over.

    Parking spaces for transporters / motor homes / vehicles higher than 2.0 metres:

    ...can be found at the outside parking P3. Please note the separate entrance. The address is Henrich-Focke-Straße 9, 28199 Bremen.

    Permanent rented parking spaces per request:

    For the permanent rental of a fixed parking space please contact:

    Phone: +49 (0) 421 5595-346


    Service Hotline

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